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5th-Feb-2011 08:07 pm(no subject)
Pankcake Bunny

Hey everybody, I know I know, it's been forever, I'm sorry. So what's up?

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27th-Sep-2010 02:43 pm - Howdy
Pankcake Bunny

Happy 32nd birthday to me!!!

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23rd-Apr-2010 05:26 am - R.I.P. Mimi
Pankcake Bunny
It is with a very saddened heart that I must inform yall that Jerri Howard, AKA Mimi (my grandma) died last night around 9pm my time

Dont know the COD, but if I find out, I will let yall know

Ramona Geraldine "Jerri" Williams (her maiden) was born on January 6, 1928 and died on April 22, 2010
9th-Feb-2010 10:38 pm - hello?
Pankcake Bunny
Where the hell is everybody
2nd-Feb-2010 12:25 am - Howdy
Pankcake Bunny
Wow, I didnt know I havent posted on here since Christmas. Sorry about that

Mimi (my granny) broke her hip last month, and is now in a nursing home for rehab. She is fine as can be expected, but she aint doing so great because she wont help herself to get better. So, she thinks she can come home in a few weeks, but it aint going to work that way. I refuse to let her come home until she can walk on her own, because I cant help her anymore. It is now time for her to help herself
19th-Dec-2009 02:35 pm - Howdy
Pankcake Bunny
Merry Christmas everybody. If you Jewish, Happy Chaunakkah (i cant spell)

If you Wiccan, Atheist, or just dont care, Happy Winter Soltice Festivutuseseseses

I just got done watching "Mamma Mia!" and I must say SUPER AWESOME!!!
Pankcake Bunny
Jill, Al, Can-Can, and Kel (Miss "Dont call me old")

Here we have been friends (well Alice and I but I have got to know you girls some and you have gotten to know me too) for I dont know how long now, and you 4 still rock to this day. I love you gals so much, and I wish there was some way I could TDY to HI or you could TDY to OK (not saying bases for security reasons) because I wanna see you gals so bad. I know your hubbies would get jealous, but ask me if I care, hehehehehe

I love being yalls "Charlie" though I dont send you on missions cause well yall have your own to do, HAHAHAHA

Mucho Amor to my lovelies

Your Big Dog from Oklahoma loves you

Oh and tell your hubbies to suck it up like men, and grow pairs because I want yalls addresses so I can Christmas Cards, HAHAHAHAHAHAHAAH, you can email them to me at Okiebear78@cox.net

Your addresses will be put in a File 13 Folder where nobody will look :)
29th-Nov-2009 10:57 pm - howdy
Pankcake Bunny
Hey all, what is up?
11th-Nov-2009 01:28 pm - Welcome All
Pankcake Bunny
So my MRI showed that basically have Arthritis which is a big NO SHIT SHERLOCK!!!! Tell me why I still feel like I am going to keel over almost every day withering in pain, but do NOT tell me it is Arthritis. It is more than that, it has to be.

Thanksgiving is coming up and I called my dad in advance so I can try to stay with him the whole holiday weekend, but of course he has to ask his wifey poo, because apparently he doesnt have enough balls to make decision on his own. More than likely I wont be because her family always trumps my sister and I. Plus she thinks I am too old to want to spend the night at my dad's house because I am 31 years old. Though she does show me respect, and I her, she still aggravates the shit out of me.

Christmas, Oh Christmas, I CAN NOT WAIT!!!! I bought my Youth Pastor something, but I have not bought anything for family

How is everybody?
21st-Oct-2009 06:33 am - Ugh
Pankcake Bunny
I HATE HURTING. My knee pains gotten worse and worse, and I am still waiting for my pain meds to be called in.

I find out tomorrow what the results to my MRI is.

I shouldnt say this but i am, I hope to goodness they find torn meniscus in both knees so I can have surgery and be done with these pains.
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